April 19, 2009

Page 16(The Violex)

The Violex.

This Was Written When Most Of The Time I Felt Like Having A Breakdown For Reasons That's Locked And Secured Which Means You Will Never Know What Does It Takes To Make Me Stumble Down.

My Late Grandma's & Grandpa's Kenduri Arwah Was Held Last Week To My Family Members & Friends Reading This Please Send Your Prayers,Do'a And Yaseen Recital To the Late Arwah's As I Would Do The Same Towards Your Side.
May Allah S.W.T Place Them Towards The Place Of Them Whom Are Full Of Iman.


me said...

this has got to be my fav among of all ur works nazrien.for now :) i like when u play around with different themes.will be waiting for more

p/s: i love the last line "in sweet humility"


a m i r a h said...

dahling, i din kno u blog...til i saw yer handwriting. Lol


Mohd Nazrien said...

Dahling U Wait Ive Got A Poem Especially Made For you, Missing You Like Crazy Thinking About You Every Nite And Everuday. HAhahhahahah