November 23, 2008

Page 3(Mummy)

Written based on the song ratu hati by innuendo Still 1 of my favorite songs currently, can't miss listening to it at least once a day. I call this song my own prescribe calming drug and and another song Dear mama by 2Pac

Why This Is Written,

To show love and how much i appreciate all the care, love and everything that my mummy gave to me and I'm glad she was the one who did all of it, Because i know everything that she did for me was wrap with extra care and seal with much love, Of That I Thank you Mummy.

November 19, 2008

Page 2(Mummy & Daddy)

Written For My Mum & Dad

Why This Is Written,

I Wouldn't Say that i have the most perfect relationship with my parents,though i'm trying my best to be a good son.

Why This is written? is to show how i appreciate my parents and how much they meant to me god knows how much i love them.In times i do have vice's but i respect them and wouldn't want to hurt them. there's even a time where a family member pissed my mum off, I went mad just by looking this situation, and bezerk when i found out she was crying over what was said by this person,Which I took my own actions by busting his head off with my own hand,This shock my whole family members and so it goes. not to say that i am proud of my stupid actions but to give an example how crazy i can get on protecting my parents.

Which brings me to a point where most kids today take their parents for granted.  I don't Get it in which position, We as children's are able to shout at them or even argue with them, yes! you maybe right but does that qualifies you to become utterly stupid and argue with them? What gave you that authority? 

Think About it? Can't We Talk Properly or Just Explain Them In A Correct Polite Manner?

For Mummy And Daddy I Will Always And Forever Love Both Of You

November 15, 2008

1st Page

There Is Not Much I Can Say Here, My Original Writings Can Explain It In A Jiffy!

The Actual Page

Readable Scan Of A Part On The First Page.

My Dedication On This Book.

This Is Where I Would Like To Ask You If My Poetry is Good Or Not? Either I Would Like To Hear Feedbacks on how my writings is and does it connects to your life  in any ways, And Should I Send My Works To Hallmark? That Would Ring Good Money Ain't It? Hahaha

November 8, 2008

The Brown Little Book From Central Market.

The Green Little Book From Central Market.

This Blog Is About A Book, A Book That I Brought From Central Market By Loaning Bobo's Money and which made me remembered i haven't paid to him yet and this happened About 2 Years Ago, A Book That I Thought Writing In It Would Help Me Sleep Easily, A Book Of Honesty, A Book Of Deep Writings(That's What I Think),  A Book That Shows Who I Am Deeply. You Can Judge Me By Reading My Writings,  But Do Keep In Mind That Is Still Your Judgement And Not For Who I Am.

Most Probably Im Not Going To Write Back From What I wrote Unless I Have To As I Would Only Post The Scanned Pictures Of Pages In The Book  Which Would Make It Easier For Me And Hard For Readers. The Way I Write It's Probably Unreadable To Some That Is Why It Would Be A Challenge To Read My Writings.

Last But Not Least,
Enjoy My Honest Writings, Do Leave Comments And Questions I Would Love To Reply Your Curiosity And Building Up Comments.

With Plenty Of Love In My Heart..................................
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