January 30, 2009

Page 12(There, Always)

This Might Be A Bit Sentimental,

A Little girl who's not so little When We were in primary school, We Play Around At the school yard, As You Would say the notorious 4's, How i reminisce about the childhood memories made you wonder, For reasons i've not told you, and might be the only secret i kept from you, you knew even if i did not tell you, thats the reason! we're one hearted, But now I Cant blame You, your Choices Makes you, And I Cant Stop You From being You, May Allah Bless You On Your lifelong Journey My Prayers Goes With you............................ 

Missing You Every Tick On The Clock, Loving You ALways.

January 26, 2009

Page 11(Angels Next To Me)

A Briefly Short Poem, With A Little Kick In It I Think?  You Know who You Guys are, Still Lovin Each And One Of You people.
Still Showing Much Love Every Second I Smoke The Fresh Air God Gave Us, Ahaks!

January 13, 2009

Page 10(A Special World)

nahhhh, Still not talking aboout this topic just yet,
Do comment, if You Enjoy it Or Dislike it, Would love to know what people think of my writings.

January 6, 2009

Page 9(Love)

It Was Valentine's Day And I Never Thought Of Looking The Word Love In A Dictionary And So I Did, But Since The Only Dictionary I Have Is An Oxford Paperback French Dictionary, So The Only Definition I Get Is Amour And Amour In French Other Than Love It Brings The Definition Zero As Well And We All Thought That France Is The Most Romantic Place In Planet Earth But They Put Zero On Amour? I Guess What They re Trying To Say are Love Is Countless Or Infinity At Least Thats My Guess. Back On My Writings This Is My Definition Of Love, On What Love Is To Me. I Don't Really Like To Talk About This Anyway. So...............
Im Out!

Words Of Flankong.(The Fun Just Begun)

No More Family Poetry But Most Probably In Time As Ideas Comes In A Flash Who Knows I Might Write Em' Again.
Next Line Up Of Writings Would be On General Interest And Most Of Em About Friends And Stuff That I Myself Didn't Know I Could Think Of Which Spook Me Sometimes. In Proper Brunei Words "Membari Ijap". 
Im Out! 

Much Love From My Chubby Fingers That Writes Stuff

January 5, 2009