November 1, 2009

Page 19(Life,Love,Empty)

As Usual I Don't Pretty Much Like Talking About This Topic Publicly Just Yet Maybe Someday When My Testosterone Level Is Low And My Ego Is Down. Haha.

Page 18(Guilt)

This Page Is More of A Feeling, A Feeling That Happened Last 2 Year. But Now Its All Cool. Everyone's Uffin Happy now! Wuhuu!

May 28, 2009

Page 17(Alone)


Written When I Think About Her The Most, Her Which Is Not A Necessary To Be Post Here.

Source Of Inspiration Bila Aku Jatuh cinta by Nidji

April 19, 2009

Page 16(The Violex)

The Violex.

This Was Written When Most Of The Time I Felt Like Having A Breakdown For Reasons That's Locked And Secured Which Means You Will Never Know What Does It Takes To Make Me Stumble Down.

My Late Grandma's & Grandpa's Kenduri Arwah Was Held Last Week To My Family Members & Friends Reading This Please Send Your Prayers,Do'a And Yaseen Recital To the Late Arwah's As I Would Do The Same Towards Your Side.
May Allah S.W.T Place Them Towards The Place Of Them Whom Are Full Of Iman.

March 24, 2009

Page 15(Sleepless Night)

This Is a 2 page poem.
With the Title Sleepless Night.
I Don't really like to talk on this topic but do enjoy my writings.

Especially For You:

March 16, 2009

Page 14(Why, Here?)

Realization Of Life,
Moment Of Changes,
Purposes Buried Here.

A Fairly Deep Poetry For Me As it Says A Lot.(At least for myself).
A Phrase Is Dedicated Especially For The Tingkat 4 Putrajaya.
Its Good You're Stepping Down.
It's For The People Not Your Own Plate.

February 23, 2009

Page 13(Peak At Last)

For Future Finders,Explorers, & Changers.