December 28, 2008

Page 7(Blood Brothers)

Not My Best Work Though.{That's All Im Gonna Type}.

December 26, 2008

Page 6(My Sisters)

To My Sisters(The Lawyer-Future Mom To Be And My Little Baby Sister Whom Always Bugs Me All The Time)

December 25, 2008

Page 5(To Mummy)

Again For My Mum, Written In Time Where I Most Missed Her And Remembering All The Things She Sacrifice For Growing Her Children's To Be Successful And What Will Power Gave Her The Strength To Raise Us In Good And Bad Times, To Mummy whom I Thank For Giving Me The Light Of Life.

December 2, 2008

Page 4(Daddy)

Zoom In As A Colleague Complains That it's Hard To Read. 
The Actual Page.

Somehow the typical Malaysian family father has always been more serious and more strict on their son than their daughter, for reasons unknown.... But I would like to think that they are behaving this way to train the son being a more strong man inside and out, at least that's what i think........... This goes to my dad as well its always have been talks about futures And Words of Wisdom(Hahha)

Why this is written: Thanking God That I Have Such A Wonderful Icon In My Life Thank You Daddy For Everything Though My Actions Are Not Showing,
I Am Trying